Where is Prague

Where is Prague located? Sitting across Czech Republic’s largest river, River Vltava, Prague is in the middle left part of Czech Republic. It is the capital city of the said country. Before the 1989 Revolution, it was Czechoslovakia’s capital city. Furthermore, it is the main city in the former kingdom and historical region of Czech Republic namely Bohemia. Since the 9th century, it has been situated in the center of Czech’s life. A large number of tourists will get interested in visiting the city because it is considered as one of the most wonderful places in Europe.

Prague is also known as “the golden city” and “the city of a thousand spires”. Prague City’s population has reached about 1.1 million and Greater Prague area’s is 1.9 million. If you wish to go to a place where a modern life is experienced, Prague is the best choice. There are four countries bordering Czech Republic such as Poland (to the North), Austria (South), Germany (West) and Slovak (East). There are great rail and road links to any of the said four countries from Prague.

The minimum number of days required for visitors to feel the great experience of staying in the city is four. One major attraction in the city is Charles Bridge which can never be avoided. Prague Castle should not be excluded from the list of the best and most popular tourist destinations in Prague. Spending at least one half of a day gives the tourists complete opportunity to walk around the castle’s area.

However, you can spend one whole day in the castle easily. There are four seasons to be experienced in Prague: winter, spring, summer and fall. There are a number of fine hotels existing in this city and you should book in advance if you plan to visit the place.

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